Reading OnStartups (pp. 31-50)

Chapter 4: On Market Positioning and Strategy Enterprise Software Markets As the industry evolved and matured, the market for enterprise software became increasingly challenging. Enterprise customers became dissatisfied with the terms being offered by enterprise software vendors, especially those involving high upfront fees. Power shifted to the customer as competition increased and the ROI of…More

Pre-Seed Considerations

There are the founder biases that I want to see in a Pre-Seed founder: A strong understanding of the market opportunity and an equally strong use case; a POV that is contrarian in a meaningful way to the incumbents in the space; a tendency to lead fast-moving teams and launching products; a sense of who…More

Founder Due Diligence

I read the Pitchbook article Discovering the Next Unicorn Founder with great interest this week and have been giving it consideration over the last few days. It’s been a great one to mull over. With the abundance of capital being put to work, this moment reminds me of the late 1990s pre-Internet Bubble, although it’s different in many…More

Diligence at the Pre-Seed stage

I’ll try my best to share how I think about diligence at the Pre-Seed stage in 2021.  The main idea I try to keep in mind here is that the right amount and type of diligence can create the same conviction pre-traction that we need at the Seed and Early Venture rounds.  The diligence is entirely different, however.  Let…More

Reading OnStartups (pp. 11-30)

Chapter 2: On The Entrepreneurial Leap p11: 56% of Americans dream of starting their own businesses…:disengaged” from jobs and seeking the entrepreneurial experience (Judson, Go It Alone) p11: What makes software developers different from others. Tend to have software development background, having worked as programmers in larger, more established organizations and then decided to take…More