Reading OnStartups (pp. 1 – 10)

p2: Thesis will analyze the patterns and practices of contemporary software startups, specifically the intersection of software startups; p2: blogging at OnStartups as a part of the thesis writing experience.

p5-6: Table of Contents summarizes the paper’s major discussion points, from a startups cradle-to-grave, i.e. entrepreneurial leap, financing, market positioning, product development, business models, startup strategies, and tips.

p7: Stated goal is to create something “interesting and useful”; limits “scope of the thesis to companies that primarily generate revenue from a ‘write once, sell many’ business model”; software industry estimated by IDC at $179b in 2004 — a 5% growth over 2003 revenues; U.S. represented approximately 50% of the world software market; accordingly to NVCA, software continued to be the single largest investment category for VCs in Q3 2005, which approximately 185 companies funded and raising over $1b.

p8: Comments on increasing consolidation in the software industry, thereby creating a fewer number of companies with much greater market power; mentions large companies Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP as “now dominant in the market and making it exceedingly challenging for new startups to capture meaningful market-share.”

p9: Personal experience; having been involved in the industry for 20 years as an angel investor, founder, and academic. His stated goal is to draw from personal experiences and off first-hand examples and insights where appropriate.

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